Current Exhibition

Almalé y Bondía & Tessa Verder


This autumn we're showing a group exhibition of outstanding Fine Art photographers. 


Tessa Verder (*1967 Netherlands)

Blaue Blume


A recognizable desire is mirrored in the photographic works of Tessa Verder, a desire for a counterbalance to our technological and communicative high-developed era. This search is expressed in landscapes which are greated by combining elements of old master paintings and photographs she takes on here travels to remote places. Both elements are merged insofar as a whole new original landscape is created. These possible landscapes present themselves in all their silence and at once familiar and alienated.


The very conscious composed images show the connection, greatness and primal power of nature. Tessa Verder is therewith not only making a direct art-historical and pictorial connection to the German Romanticism, but also she is connecting the Sehnsucht, which accompanied us through centuries.


Artist duo Almalé y Bondía (* 1969 Javier Almalé / *1952 Jesús Bondía, Spain)

In Situ


Exploring the mechanisms of perception, which constitute landscape, is the central theme of the joint project, which brought Javier Almalé (Zaragoza, 1949) and Jesús Bondía (Zaragoza, 1952) together in 2002. We are going to present tree different series by Almalé y Bondía - Infranqueale, In Situ and Retratos.


The series Infranqueale is made without using the process of digital montage or “photoshop”, like all their photographs. Every photographed place is selected after a deliberate search, through a specific historical or geographical investigation. Once the photograph is taken, it is printed in a divided manner. These photographs are glued to different doors, which will be photographed in the original landscape so that the real landscape and the printed landscape coincide. 


The settings for the series In situ are located on the edge of the borders on both sides of the Pyrenees; places that are hard to access in which Almalé and Bondía compose the barrier of mirrors whose arrangements are different in each intervention. The fragmentary and altered vision of the landscape, reflected by the mirrors, is accentuated by the individual composition of each frame, a window open to the world, a mental mirror that organizes the relationships between what is real and what is imaginary, between fact and fiction, and demands a serious look at it.


The series Retratos (Portraits) is a sequence of photographs in which landscapes accomplished by other artists throughout history are faced with the gaze of those who chose them. The pictured persons are shown from behind in front of the reproduced historical paintings. The photos are shot outside in nature by taking the photo from the reflection of a mirror. The reflections of sunlight and shadows from surrounded trees are placed as another layer over the historical paintings as well as the pictured person. So the human being is moving between invented nature and real nature. Painting and photography, history and present, design and accident are combined in a complex way.



Opening     17.10.2014, 06:00 - 09:00 pm
Exhibition     18.10. - 29.11.2014

Artist's talk

A discussion between Tessa Verder and the dutch curator and art historian Juuriaan Benschop about the conjunction of photography and painting.

08.11.2014, 6.00 pm



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