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Since the founding of the gallery in 2006, the English plein air artist Jim Harris has been presented in our gallery.

Now we are pleased to show his new group of works. For this purpose Harris has formulated some thoughts:

I live on the Amstel, from which Amsterdam takes its name. For years now, whenever I set out to paint scenes in the city, the play of light on the river has caught my eye as the bow wave and wake of a pleasure boat or barge fractured the surface, creating mesmerizing patterns. It is a vision that has attracted a great many artists who have attempted to capture on canvas the illusive beauty of this historic river which flows deep in the city it helped to create, an unpredictable and vital pulse in the urban landscape.

My desire to paint the Amstel was inspired in part by the fact that it is very much a backcloth to my long residence on its banks, and, in part. by the inspiration of the wonderful depictions of the river by the Dutch artist Mondrian. In 1995 I was captivated by an exhibition entitled Mondrian along the Amstel. It seemed to me that his genius was to use paint in a dynamic way while finding what might be called a “universal language” in his depiction of aspects of the Amstel which were unique to the point at which he had painted them as he saw them “en plein air”.

The paintings exhibited here, put down not on canvas but on mdf, are a homage to the representations of the Amstel which Mondrian made early in his career. I intend no metaphorical implication in my work: it is, with inspiration from a great Dutch artists, simply a deeply affectionate record of my feelings about the Amstel and the town in which, long ago, I chose to live.


PLEASE NOTE: the opening takes place on Sunday afternoon !!!

Opening     15.03.2015, 02:00 - 06:00 pm
Exhibition     16.03.2015 - 18.04.2015 



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