Current Exhibition

Katja Pfeiffer

Maison Bourgeoise

Katja Pfeiffers new wall reliefs and installations correspond to the directions her work has taken in the recent past. They bear an obvious relationship to her large reliefs from 2008 and 2009 (Zwielicht, Dickicht, Wald), which were largely based on tree motifs. In her most recent works architectural elements, such as building façades, plans, or cross-sections of buildings are interlaced and overlaid in a manner that initially gives the impression of an abstract relief. The multiple boards layered on top of one another differ in color, which allows the viewer to optically differentiate between the individual cross-sections of the building and the overall impression of an abstract composition, while alternating back and forth between these two perspectives. The view into the interior of the buildings recalls in part the appearance of structures that are being torn down or that have suffered such severe damage as to reveal a view of their interior.


In this regard the works suggest parallels with the small wall objects that Pfeiffer has been developing for a number of years and that were inspired by the major earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy in 2009. After the earthquake the damaged buildings were provisionally secured with a range of different materials, clamped, tied up, and reinforced.


Pfeiffer’s objects convey the bizarre nature of these rigging systems while underscoring their aesthetic appeal. She plays with colors and materials, transforming the architectural elements into finely composed reliefs, which are clearly indebted to the representational but are shaped by harmonic compositions created from vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines.

Somewhere the background, in the shadows of art history, one senses the influence of the abstract images of Piet Mondrian and the reliefs of Kurt Schwitters.


Today the historical center of L’Aqulia is still a restricted area, and the buildings are merely shored up from collapse in a makeshift manner. The city has the appearance of a coma patient who is being kept alive by all sorts of tubes and machines. It is a long-term interim arrangement, a city that, due to the lack of public funds in Italy, will probably remain a sleeping beauty for many years to come.

Opening     05.07.2014, 06:00 - 09:00 pm
Exhibition     05.07. - 09.08.2014



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