Current Exhibition

Antje Blumenstein

five lines
Antje Blumenstein‘s artistic output splits into series and groups, in which different materials and techniques, various topics and issues are discussed. The work on these groups may be suspended and resumed at a later time, so that they can influence each other and develop like a long lasting conversation.
In her third solo exhibition with us, Antje Blumenstein links two groups of works, to study the fundamental practices of artistic creation processes.

The starting point of the current exhibition is the series lokal - a group of works from 2012/13, consisting of expansive objects made of black PE-film, that generally examines the processes of sculpture formation. In these objects, the film is spread in countless layers over the chosen materials and, through cuts, released for an uncontrollable process. Over a long time period the stretched film begins to contract gradually; unexpected structures emerge on the surface and the underlying layers become visible. The new works in the exhibition are subsumed under the umbrella term five lines. The show assembles paintings, paper works and objects that found their origin in the installations of the series lokal. For example, the layered arrangement of the films is transformed into the painting. The simple geometric surfaces evolve from superposed transparent layers of paint. Their arrangement is recognizable through fine lines of the lower paint layers. Further, the linear surfaces of the films formed the background for a set of strict linear compositions from folded papers and transparent acrylic glass items. In this case, is not any game of chance: the objects are pre-built as models and only a limited selection is later strictly constructed. 
In contrast to these precisely composed items stands the group of transparent plastic objects, that are created in a spontaneous throwing process, in not more than 5 seconds. Blumenstein aims here at visualizing the time as a moment. This is now an antipode to the series local, where the scoring of the strained films may take many hours. With this comparison of different practices, Blumenstein illustrates the everlasting conflict between conception and gestural process


Opening     05.12.2014, 06:00 - 09:00 pm
Exhibition     05.12.2014 - 03.01.2015 (Christmas break 23.12.2014 - 01.01.2015)
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06.12.2014, 2 am (meeting point: Galerie Pavlova)
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