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Hannah Dougherty

“Such is the audacity of man, that he hath learned to counterfeit Nature, yea, and is so bold as to challenge her in her work.” 
Pliny the Elder (23 or 24 after Chr.) 
The works in Animal Vegetable Mineral endeavor to deconstruct the genre of still life, a format which originally functioned as scientific catalog (biology, zoology, mineralogy) as well as allegories (life/death) and lavish displays of luxury and status. The artist approaches the “format-as-subject”, on the surface, as a platform used for the curation of elementary things -Animal vegetable mineral- studies of objects and how they fit into these basic categories. Dougherty chooses familiar subject matters, returning to the symbols of industrialisation/urbanisation and the consequential disconnect from nature: beasts of burden, agricultural idealisation, and motorized vehicles. She explores natural archives, encyclopedias, and daily ephemera, interpreting them through the lens of her camera as well as through technical drawing and the use of found objects and images. Collage lends a disruption to the works. Is the subject a floral arrangement or a piece of paper with a drawing of flowers on it? 
The heavy frames, a ubiquitous element in Dougherty’s work, seem to underline that these are not illusions of a fantasy space, or a window to another world, but rather objects hung on a wall. Made by a human as evidenced in the smudges left by the artist’s unclean hands. Do these scenarios speak of the banality of the artist’s daily life or challenge ostentatiousness of the contemporary life in a material world? Or do they merely present a current take on the still life genre? A record of our natural life as it can be currently seen.
Hannah Dougherty
Opening     05.09.2014, 06:00 - 09:00 pm
Exhibition     05.09. - 11.10.2014



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